Nicole and Tom’s Meredith Manor Wedding

20121018-092426.jpgEarly in the year in 2011, Nicole wrote me about photographing her wedding in Pennsylvania in September of 2012. At that time, Josh was deployed and we had about zero clue that we would be moving to Oregon. So of course I said yes.

As soon as Josh and I knew we were going to be moving to Oregon, I changed the plane ticket that was supposed to be for my return trip (to Maryland after our own wedding in Portland) to a ticket to Philly. Aside from the obvious reason of getting to Nicole and Tom’s wedding, it was one last chance to see some of my Pennsylvania family for a while. Aside from photographing the wedding, I got to see my brother and his family, and my best friend and her new little girl (stay tuned for pics of her).

The wedding was held at the gorgeous Meredith Manor in Pottstown. I had never been to the site, and to be honest there weren’t a lot of images showing the grounds around the Manor online, so I was just in awe when I arrived. There is a winding road that leads up to the Manor. One side is lined with trees and the other side is one big open field. All around are these wonderful, old growth trees, and the manor itself is a stunning old stone structure. Really a beautiful place for a wedding. See for yourself!

20121018-092454.jpg20121018-092500.jpgWhat better setting could there be for an evening ceremony, with golden September light coming over the hills and through the trees just as the couple say their vows and kiss for the first time as husband and wife… Magical!


Ah, yes. The traditional men-with-no-pants shot. Wait… what? The story is that someone mooned someone while the group shots were taking place. (Who mooned whom and where this took place I could not say.) One of the groomsmen approached me with the idea of all the guys mooning the camera. I insisted that the only way this would happen is if all of them had boxers on, but the concept was modified to this version. Which I think is just hilarious.

20121018-092612.jpg20121018-092617.jpg20121018-092625.jpgCheck out this cake! The detail work was amazing. And come on… who wouldn’t appreciate the zombie bride going after her as-yet human groom?

20121018-092633.jpgI loved the décor: it was a mix of Old Hollywood Glam and Fairytale Whimsy.




A couple of parting shots for the night.

20121018-092709.jpg20121018-092714.jpgNicole and Tom, I wish you all the best!!


Simply Devon

I recently shared a post about my session with my friend Linda and her (growing) family at their cabin in PA (check those images out here). And although I loved those photos, I consider these the true pièce de résistance.

Introducing Devon.

20120228-153618.jpgHe is just so wonderfully and adorably precious. And, might I add, he looks just like his daddy.

Not long after Devon was born in December, he was showing signs of lung trouble. Nothing major came of it, but about a month ago he was sick again. Linda is such a trooper; when telling me about little Devon’s ordeal, she seemed so collected as she wrote:

“He was having a lot of trouble breathing and his heartbeat was all over the place and his skin was really blotchy. They checked him for RSV the flu, pneumonia – all negative. Then they thought he had a problem with his heart so they called in an echocardio gram. It was normal. No fever. They also gave him a bag of fluids cause he wasn’t eating. So once he was able to breath normally and his heartbeat was normal they let us go home.”

Here’s a photo by Linda of Devon, about three hours before he was released from the hospital:

20120228-152216.jpgAll the while, daddy is on a submarine and has no communication with the home front…

Which brings me to the next point. Linda really wanted to do a session with baby D before daddy gets back. She wanted to surprise him (sweet, yes?) with the pics when he gets home. So as soon as Devon was better, we set up a session on one of those 60-degree February days we’ve been having, hoping to head outside. Well all baby D wanted to do was eat. He’s putting some of the weight he lost while sick, so I don’t blame the little guy.

And then – finally – the thing photographers hope for the most for a newborn session: sleep. Glorious, deep, malleable baby sleep. Linda was so patient through it all. It helped that I wasn’t rushing off anywhere, and we had time to wait for him to fall asleep. The waiting really paid off.

Happy viewing!!

20120228-153247.jpgHe looks just like his Daddy here

20120228-153334.jpgBig sis (aka B) had to get her own pictures of D

20120228-153344.jpg20120228-153354.jpg20120228-153413.jpgFinally got a chance to get the two of them together


Enough said…



And… sleep.


I adore how his right cheek is all squished up!

20120228-153630.jpgHope you sighed and smiled half as much as I did while photographing him!!

Beccue Family Cabin

I meant to post these a while back. I really did. But I got swept up with busy-ness. First with all the fall weddings and then with Holiday portraits at Love Life Images. Then with making homemade Christmas gifts and working on DIY (do-it-yourself) projects for our wedding this May. Then with Josh coming home from deployment after a year (finally!). So yes… I was preoccupied.

But now I’m settled back in a routine of sorts – and more importantly I recently held the newborn session for this family, which prompted me to finally post these pics.

Linda and I met for the first time several years back at a picnic on base. Our guys knew each other in previous job assignments, but Linda had just moved to the area from Texas after having Brinley (pictured below), and I had just moved to the area with Josh. So I met baby B when she was just two weeks old. (I can’t believe she’s 3!!)

Linda and I talked about doing a session for a while, but it just never worked out. Until this fall. We just decided to go for it. Besides, Linda was expecting #2 so it was the perfect time. Linda suggested using her uncle’s cabin up in PA and I jumped on the idea.

We made the drive, and the weather was just perfect – mild and sunny, the way it has been all winter. So we strolled through the woods for some family pics, and ended with maternity. We even snuck outside for some more risqué (tastefully nude) maternity shots (not pictured here). We ended the night by eating a new tasty recipe Linda and I found, and chatting for hours.

In other words, it was just perfect.


This had to be my very favorite family shot. It’s so real, and so them.


B, posing like mama.



I just loved this shot.




B with Acey Boy (Ace).

20120228-093149.jpgB with Nieva.

20120228-093156.jpgThe cabin in the evening.

20120228-093211.jpgHope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for newborn pics of Devon!